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Partner Plus Program

Extra benefits – every day!

How to collect points

​​​​​​​When you order a frame from one of our brands, you will be rewarded with benefit points and the points will automatically accumulate across the brands. The higher the sum of points, the more benefits you will be able to claim.​​​​​​​

Welcome to the Partner Plus Program which gives you extra benefits every time you purchase eyewear from Design Eyewear Group

​​​​​​​As our business partner, you are automatically a member of the Partner Plus Program* and every time you order a frame from one of our brands, you will receive benefit points. The more frames you purchase, the more points you collect. The more points you collect, the more benefits you will receive.  

*Please check with your sales representative what you are entitled to in our Partner Plus Program.

The Partner Plus Program has 3 levels as the model illustrates below: Partner, Premium Partner and Ambassador and each level will give you extra services, reduce costs and offer special campaigns. This is our way of saying: Thank You for growing your business with us.

Model illustrating the Partner Plus ProgramModel illustrating the Partner Plus Program