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Ever more creative, positive and mischievous, the new WOOW collection takes to the open sea and across the Atlantic to the hustle and bustle of New York City.

All eyes are on the Big Apple, which cultivates myth and excess through concepts as generous as they are superlative: SUPER CRUSH, SUPER EDGY, SUPER CITY, SUPER DUPER, LOOK UP, ON FIRE, SPEAK EASY, RUSH HOUR, BIG APPLE...

From one model to the next, a vivid round, lavish and positive energy materialises: the shapes take on height and pep in a fine and tonic line, or assert themselves and unfold in models with avid and crisp shapes.

From Paris to New York, this vibrant collection further affirms its anticrisis spirit, with a colour palette that awakens, boosts and electrifies with style and happiness. Primary colours flirt with transparencies or fuchsia orange granites, while taxi yellow or brick red appear to come straight from the city that never sleeps!

Get a head start, take a flight, or a find a personal favourite with these glasses that take the energy of New York to twist and reinvent them in the WOOW way. Dare to be outrageous, elegant, pioneering and lavish.

Wake up, reveal and reinvent yourself with WOOW!


Material: Metal
2 shapes in 6 colours.

As crunchy and crisp as a beautiful apple, these feminine metal optics encourage excess with ease and mischief. As a tribute to New York and its iconic nickname, BIG APPLE appears to play with volumes, light, colours and conventions: or how to live life to the full with elegance for the WOOW effect!

A large circle and an oversized square evoke the shape of a thin and generous apple, echoing the immensity of the city. Tangy and sour, you say? And how: a neon red and a crimson red summon the indulgence of an apple under its leafy green skin; while iridescent green and forest green play around in shades and explode in granite spatulas with mango... One thing is for sure: Snow White would have fallen for this frame!

​​​​​​​Material: Acetate
2 shapes in 6 colours

Always aim higher with LOOK UP! This round and thick acetate design appears to have fallen from above and landed on your nose so you can reach for the sky. A cheerful detail overhangs the glasses like a rainbow, like a nod to the New York skyscrapers: just look up to see more!

A large circle and a large square with a central tenon hinge thrive under vibrant upper arches that give these glasses all their generosity: you won’t believe your eyes! The play of opaque and transparency flirts with the luminous restlessness of the city: a primary and playful blue and red evoke the colours of the US flag, while a structured scale with a brick tone leads to the purity of a midnight blue. Complete glasses to roam and dream without a care in the world!


​​​​​​​ON FIRE 1-2
Material: Acetate
2 shapes in 6 colours

Inspire with ON FIRE! These electrifying acetate glasses are inspired by the energy of the city that never sleeps: a spark ignites at every angle in a reinvented seventies spirit... for vibrant glasses that give you the buzz of a rock concert!

Rather thin and refreshing or big and white hot? Place your bets and liven up your everyday life with the sparkling ON FIRE colour palette: a peach crystal side ignites in orange-fuchsia temples like fireworks, while a warm gradient in brown tones is punctuated by ultramarine temple tips. Turn up the heat... and be daring with a sultry look!

​​​​​​​RUSH HOUR 1-2
Material: Metal
2 shapes in 6 colours

Hit the hustle and bustle of the city with RUSH HOUR! This masculine design in metal is a subtle yet striking frame for the modern man in a hurry! Or how to be electrified and adjust to the energy of New York for the WOOW effect!

Two trendy pilot shapes make this model as striking as it is cool: Panto-shaped and a rectangle are intensified in Sin City-inspired black and yellow to play it like in the movies... Unless you prefer a combination of black and electric green so that all the traffic lights turn green for you? No doubt about it: these glasses are as energetic as you are!​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​RISE UP 2
​​​​​​​Material: Metal
1 shape in 2 colours


Achieve fashionista enlightenment! RISE UP elevates you to the highest spheres of style. These lightweight divas bring vintage and neoclassical inspirations to life. Available in unique shapes including offbeat, masculine rectangles, delicate hexagons, and soft, flattering rounds, each is adorned in youthful, upbeat hues.

Together, they will transport you to new heights with the utmost in modern personality and edge.


Material: Acetate
2 shapes in 6 colours

Have you heard about the latest New York habit of hanging out in the famous “SPEAKEASY”, those old hidden bars during the prohibition era? These retro, masculine acetate glasses see the funny side of their own names and are inspired by the architecture and colours of the New York streets.

A geometric Panto-shape and rectangle reveal their energy and love of the city in colours that conjure up a wild night out in the American capital: a yellow taxi and a bluish scale? A brick red combined with the smoke grey of backrooms? No need to know the address and password: with these glasses you can go wherever you want!