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It's been 10 years! This year WOOW celebrates a decade of off-beat creativity and ultra-positiveness with you.

This is an opportunity for the brand's designers to remember what their hopes and dreams were when they created it - they were like children playing with paper planes ! And now? They're happy and proud to see that their little paper plane has become a real airliner, with the best engines and an ever-growing crew... In short: always taking-off!

An unmissable birthday celebration! This collection commemorates WOOW's success, honouring the boldness and impertinence of the French brand, soaring to unprecedented heights and new aesthetic skies. Fashion acrobatics with MAY DAY, high-flying calligraphy flourishes with LOOP IN, stylish flagship wings with SUPER FLY... A horizon unfurls on every one of these designs created for speed and luxury.

The joyful, heightened energy of this exceptional collection explodes in new vibrant colours and materials. Skyline blues, violets and oranges - the warm colour palette seems lit by the sun's rays... Where attitude and altitude meet!

Fly your style, be iconic!
Dare to treat yourself to seventh heaven with WOOW.

First Class 1 - Col. 9168


  • Acetate
  • Two shapes: a large rounded square and a Matrix

"Strong glasses in a velvet glove."

Audacity is stamped in big letters on the SUPER BOLD lines! A generous chunkiness makes for a strong design, with extremely wraparound lines. Sunglasses as ambitious and powerful as a rocket... That also knows how to be streamlined and sensual too! Like you? ​​​​​​​


  • Two-tone metal
  • Two shapes: a circle and a large hexagonal

"Discover the VIP in you!"

Dare to fly business class and drink champagne with FIRST CLASS! These exquisite small metal glasses cultivate a distinguished vibe with their radiant wing and "casual chic" feel. Glasses to take care of yourself and stand out from the crowd!


Super Bold 1 - Col. 1012 - Super Bold 2 - Col. 4201

On Board 2 - Col. 1021



  • Acetate
  • Two shapes: a small square and a large rectangle


"Take control"

Treat yourself to the flight captain's glasses with ON BOARD: a crown bridge and tapered arm give these spectacles an aviator vibe. Sophisticated and masculine, they reverse classic codes and assert their difference by daring to take colour... and control. Meet in the cockpit?