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Let go, dare to radiate.
Reinvent yourself with WOOW.

SUGAR SUGAR 2 col.4553

​​​​​​​dance floor 1 col.901

super dancer 2 col.2301

Celebration time! Forget it all and dance with the wicked hot French brand. After commemorating our 10th anniversary last year, we're now celebrating creativity more than ever! We just want you to be a little bit carefree and casual for the occasion – a dose of positivity in this turbulent world! Head to the dance floor with an ultra-groovy collection brimming with good vibrations.


Bright, colourful explosions with SHOW UP, rhythmic, sweet vibrations with SUGAR SUGAR, spontaneous, liberated curves with FANCY FREE, pop rock design with MOONWALK... The new collection vibrates to the rhythm of funk or disco in a whirlwind of deliciously retro positivity!

A festival of spring colours pays a pop tribute to the musical vibe of the 70s and 80s: psychedelic lilac, retro baby blue, touches of fuchsia and amber, russet tortoiseshell, warm shades ranging from red to orange and more. These eyewear designs come with a palette full of popping colours and changes with the rhythmic electric energy of those really stylish times.

Enjoy the ride, dare to shine and dream big. Make every day a party with WOOW!


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Big Time 1 Col. 2893


  • Glasses with opulent lines

  • A groovy design that invites you to party

“Show yourself off with style and audacity with BIG TIME!"

Charismatic and chunky, these masculine glasses are designed to make life a party. Opulent: the BIG TIME range is not afraid to show its finery and contours and much less its colours! Designed in organic materials that bring ethics and aesthetics together.


  • Glasses cut from the mass

  • Two shapes:circle and square

"Let yourself go and be extravagant with FANCY FREE."

A blend of freedom and fancy inspires this model with its spontaneous curves. A little coloured link on the side vibrates like a guitar string, a signature to the musical spirit of  FANCY FREE - just a little crazy, just a little fun!​​​​​​​

Fancy Free 1 Col. 901

Sugar Sugar 3 Col. 2110


  • Double bonding at the endpiece

  • Glasses with a musical vibe

“Vibrate sweetly and colourfully with SUGAR SUGAR”

Like the Archies top ten hit that inspired their name, these glasses have soft and caressing curves... And they don't lack rhythm or style! The tricolour endpiece adds a subtle pop to this deliciously sweet design.