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Last season we took off to the highest spheres of style. This time the new WOOW collection promises to launch you on a journey to the land of HOLIDAYS and relaxation. After all, when you’re floating above the clouds, what could be better than this little recreation collection to reach your own heights!

In celebration of WOOW’s ten years, this birthday collection is stronger than ever, honouring the boldness and quirkiness of our French brand, and inviting you to cherish the happy holiday spirit... wherever you are!

Bubbly curves with PARTY TIME, an airy cut with DAY OFF, generous, distinctive shapes with HOLIDAYS... A zingy shot of vitamins boosts each of these warm and inspired designs.

Like a postcard, the collection’s materials and colour palette are an ode to technicolour sunsets. From orange to lilac, not forgetting new exotic materials, we invite you to take a trip... What are the chances you’ll need an extra suitcase to carry all those glasses on your holiday?

Breathe in. Let go. Dare to party, be bold and embrace luxury. Welcome to WOOW’s second ten-year creation!

Chill Out 1 Col. 1823

No Brainer 1-2

  • Monochrome acetate
  • Two shapes: a panto and a square with a keyhole bridge square

“Glasses that let you disconnect.”

You’re highly intelligent, and you know it. For well-deserved breaks, these quirky vintage-inspired mixed spectacles lead the way! They are pervaded by colour and shaken coir materials. Give yourself a break: you’ll end up radiant, relaxed and always smart – just like your NO BRAINER. ​​​​​​​

Chill Out 1-3

  • Monochrome acetate
  • Three shapes: a panto, a large circle, a soft rectangle

“Relax: you’ve finally found the perfect glasses!”

Stretch out, relax and rest with panache, choosing the subtle CHILL OUT! The light and playful line of these glasses makes them sparkle in their simplicity. Spectacles that cherish the good life... Take charge with style!


No Brainer 2 Col. 4006

Road Trip 2 Col. 2003


Road Trip 1-2

  • Combined metal and acetate
  • Two shapes: a panto and a rectangle


“Hit the road in style!”

Hit the road and explore the world with ROAD TRIP! Acetate seems to travel through the glass of these masculine arty spectacles – as if to invite you on a journey. Strong contrasting glasses where colours and a desire for other places meet!