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Do it with passion!

At Kilsgaard Eyewear we have a passion for design, made to last for decades. Our style is an urban tribute to Danish design classics created with simplicity and elegance. We do not follow trends and dogmas to be hip or fashionable, but stay grounded in classic design, which never goes out of style.

The craftsmanship is our trademark, made so you can feel the difference when you hold the frame in your hand and everyday wearing our glasses. We only work with the finest workshops in Italy and Japan, to ensure fine handcrafted details.

Stay passionate.

The Kilsgaard 2019 W/S Collection

In the new collection, we continue our tribute to London, one of our favourite cities in the world. It is an exceptional metropolis, where tradition meets the future; the melting pot of the contemporary, where the untamed flourishes on conservative grounds. All in all, London captures the themes of our new collection: bold new shapes are introduced to challenge the comfort of “Bon Gout”, genders are mixed, and the Hip and Bohemian trends are mixed with traditional great craftsmanship.

You will find our iconic logo - the dragonfly - at the left end-tip of each frame; imprinted by laser or inserted in 24k gold-plate.

​​​​​​​Please visit our brand page at www.kilsgaard-eyewear.dk/