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Joining opposites.
Go where opposites and contrasts meet.

BLINK 3 col.1922

​​​​​​​ECHOS 2 COL.4329

KYOTO 2 COL.6205

New season, new passion! The designers at FACE A FACE continue their cultural and artistic exploration of the Italian MEMPHIS movement and discover a surprising connection with contemporary Japanese design.

Back in 1981, Shiro KURAMATA received an invitation from Ettore SOTTSASS to join the Memphis group, which turned over a new leaf in design, introducing the emotion of Japan's KURAMATA to the expressiveness of Italian SOTTSASS! Both shared the same belief that "Enchantment should be seen as a function" - breaking with the raw concrete and minimalism of the Bauhaus trend.


With Shiro Kuramata, an unprecedented poetic element suddenly appears, such as the red roses at the heart of his transparent Glass Chair. Likewise, Japanese designers like Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo and Kengo Kuma express in their work the same mix of delicacy and broken aesthetics... A fascinating contrast!  

Thus, FACE A FACE draws inspiration from this movement for its new JAPAN NOW! collection.From the sculptural cylinders of the KYOTO models to the colourful folds of PLEATS and the haunting echoes of the NENDO range... Each of these new concepts reflects the interplay of the subtlety of Japanese design and the exuberance of the Memphis movement.


FACEAFACE opticals

​​​FACEAFACE brandsite




  • Inspired by Kengo Kuma’s architectural work

  • The sculpted front forms an utterly feminine arch

Two-tone acetate

The new BOCCA introduces an architectural dimension! Its construction appears balanced due to a transverse colour bar, a graphic element that is at the heart of the design.  Full of vibrancy and sparkle, the sculpted frame front reveals a very feminine high arch, punctuated by small coloured boots. The perfect combination of severity and lightheartedness!


  • Colour echoes around the lenses

  • An interplay of present and absent contours

Handmade in Italy

Vibrant. Stunning. The ECHOS design plays with appearances and offers a colour finish that seems to sculpt the frame: sometimes quite visible, sometimes rather subtle, colours seem to resonate in these masculine and mysteriously poetic spectacles. An architectural concept with character!​​​​​​

ECHOS 2 Col. 4329

NENDO 3 Col. 9296

​​NENDO 1-3

  • Two-tone milled bronze

  • A nod to the Japanese design studio NENDO

Handmade in France

Inspired by shadow and light, the NENDO models pay homage to the work of the eponymous Japanese design studio. Expressive in their minimalism, the skilful milling creates a halo of colour that sculpts the frame. Two eyelines in the foreground loom, illuminated by the background contour. An ode to chiaroscuro and sublime eclipses!