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The soul of the createur

Creative energy©Infused with Art and Poetry, the new FACE A FACE Autumn 2019 collection has Energy, revealed in all its forms, as its common theme. Moving or suspended, sunny or icy, natural or digital, vital and creative, it shapes the season’s various artistic themes. Some concepts are inspired by the works of artists, such as the Light Painting of Gjon Mili, in partnership with Picasso in this incredible invention.Other, more architectural concepts play with anamorphosis. All are the result of work worthy of that of an alchemist.More than ever, Pascal Jaulent, co-founder and Artistic Director of the brand, and his team of Designers, have embraced the materials to further transcend them. Transparent, opaque, crystalline or opalescent, acetate makes it possible to play with contrasts and bring works to life. In this way, it becomes a precious stone, frost or beam of light. All this is revealed in a palette of electric or textured colours: frosted blue, granite, electric glitter pink amber, etc.A collection crafted with incredible mastery, combining art and technical expertise, to make you love and wear fascinating glasses. Between fire and ice, a new kind of energy.

The FACE A FACE 2019 W/S Collection

In the new 2019 collection we go a step further and explore transparency and the play with optical effects. “Sometimes a detail is nearly invisible when transparent and other times it is highlighted when colourful,” explains Creative Director Pascal Jaulent, “The way light and colour intertwine is truly captivating”.

Enjoy the versatile expression of each concept, created by colours and light effects, which will change if you turn the frame just slightly. Surprising volumes and shapes emerge, only visible from one spot. Intriguing geometric elements – a triangle, a bar or a pattern – are suspended in levitation and turn the frames into elegant sculptures.

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