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Joining opposites.
Go where opposites and contrasts meet.

BLINK 3 col.1922

​​​​​​​ECHOS 2 COL.4329

KYOTO 2 COL.6205

A new season for the Japanese adventure! The FACE A FACE designers continue their artistic journey to the heart of contemporary Japanese design with Shiro Kuramata, Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo, and others. They are all designers whose work combines delicacy with a disruptive aesthetic – a fascinating contrast that permeates the vision of the JAPAN NOW collection.


From the meeting between the breadth and precision of HAORI to the cutting of the raw material in CARAR, via the poetry of REEDS or the 'how to turn technique into aesthetics’ with MATICS, every one of these creative designs tells the story of this journey from nature to culture.

A new palette inspired by Japanese gardens permeates and enhances the curves of the models in this new collection: from blue greens to indigo blue, via yuzu green and even “Viva Magenta” purple reds with touches of azalea pink. All these colours combine and collide with our exclusive new materials.

Dare to be creative! Go where they reinvent and recite poetry. Make the unexpected happen. The FACE A FACE philosophy.


FACEAFACE opticals

​​​FACEAFACE brandsite




  • Playful feminine design – Naoko is a Japanese girl's name

  • Puzzle bonding of the eye in the frame

Eyes that evoke eyeliner

Reinvent femininity with style and originality? That is the essence of the vibrant BOCCA NAOKO which, thanks to their two lenses floating in transparency, evoke an eyeliner shape as refined as it is hallucinogenic. The highlight: the iconic BOCCA boot is reinvented here in a new shape and an origami of colours... Deliciously contemporary and playful!


  • REEDS evoke the fineness of reed stems

  • Geometric severity

Vibrant ultra-graphic colour

Poetry and precision meet and make friends in the curves of the delicate REEDS. Inspired by the aesthetic of reeds, they invite you to dive into a Japanese landscape: natural poetry meets geometric severity. A fine, sharp line of constant width runs from the eye to the endpiece, giving this design its delicacy and rigorous crafting. ​​​​​​

REEDS 2 Col. 9620

MATICS 1 Col. 9025

​​MATICS 1-2

  • New construction

  • Volume die-cut bridge

The clip's aesthetic connects the two coloured circles

Transforming mechanical components with an aesthetic bias: a bold and ultimately creative choice offered by the amazing MATICS. These spectacles enjoy subverting the functional components, such as the normally hidden squeeze circle, to better showcase it using colour. The clip’s aesthetics are reinvented, the bridge evokes the volumes of a chassis... All served by craftsmanship as precise and precious as Japanese design. Oh how to turn everything upside down with elegance and passion!