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Get a head start. Be of your time.
Dare elegance and technicality with ALIUM.


​​​​​​​ALIUM GEAR 1 col.9101

ALIUM WAVE 3 col.957

Always more innovative and impactful, the French brand ALIUM draws its inspiration from the pulsating heart of big cities. An urban and elegant spirit permeates the concepts of this new effervescent collection.

Urban. Technical. Creative. Dare ALIUM glasses. ALIUM. Electrifying energy. An innovative technique.

New constructions, inventive techniques, new colors: the design and construction of these multifaceted optical models is designed for adventure and discovery.  

Electric wave perfectly channeled with the WATT, wave of energizing energy with the WAVE... More and more daring and creative shapes, declined in a wide variety of templates, are associated with a palette of colors that come to shake and reinvent the masculine bezel.


ALIUM opticals

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ALIUM suns

Watt 1 Col. 9359


  • Three shapes: a small pantos, a pilot rectangle, a large rectangle

  • Aluminium  

  • Flex hinge

There is a brand-new technical construction: a metal arch is inserted into the model’s front.

Irrigated by electrical energy, the WATT concept is a jewel of technical precision: a colored metal arc is inserted into the upper arch of the bezel... Or how to make color vibrate at high intensity with modernity!  

A wide variety of templates are combined with an electrifying color palette and a flex hinge - a true signature of the French brand. A daring bias that promises to trigger the spark you were missing.


  • Three shapes: a small hexagonal, a rectangle and an XXL rectangle  

  • Two-dimensional hinge

  • A classic and iconic concept

This concept is manufactured in France and has a multi-dimensional hinge that allows horizontal and vertical movement of the temple - a technical innovation of the ALIUM brand.

Surf the wave and push the limits with ALIUM WAVE! The field of possibilities opens up before you thanks to this concept that invites exploration and adventure. A multi-dimensional hinge evokes the lever of a gearbox to better propel you in your quest for thrills.

A wide variety of templates allow the colour palette to take on its full scope, revealing the mechanical and industrial inspiration that irrigates this masculine concept. Iconic glasses, ideal to make everyday life an adventure and always taking you further. ​​​​​​

Alium Wave 1 Col. 9033

Alium Gear 2 Col. 9620


  • 3 shapes: a small panto, a medium square, and a large rectangle

  • Two-dimensional hinge: horizontal and vertical movement


Move on up with ALIUM GEAR!

This inspired, innovative model has everything you need to combine style and comfort. The three slim, dynamic shapes are equipped with a unique two-dimensional hinge, bringing together precision, technical prowess and comfort. Effective and refined? Absolutely. Functional and timeless? Definitely. Don’t let anything hold you back: gamble at all the tables with ALIUM GEAR.