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About us

"Design is the heart of our company"

Lars Flyvholm, CEO at Design Eyewear Group

We develop and market iconic eyewear brands, which have been sold
world wide by quality opticians for more than 40 years.

Great design is what defines all our brands; it keeps our brains sharp and accurate about trends,​​​​​​​art, technology and creation of value for our customers.

Our brands are clearly positioned and target different segments of consumers. Their preference is a matter of personality: Some like it to be colorful and expressive, others prefer a classic design which complements their personal style.

We house 9 different and unique brands that all have their own identity; FACE A FACE, WOOW, Kilsgaard, ProDesign, ALIUM, Inface, Charles Stone New York, William Morris London and Nifties.

For us it is very important to give our customers the best experience at Design Eyewear Group; from high quality products to good service, accessible when you need it.

That is why, we make it our business to be there for you.

Just give us a call!

Our Head Office is located in the dynamic city of Aarhus in Denmark. It is a place that supports our creative and innovative mindset.