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General terms & conditions of sale

Modification or cancellation of orders

The buyer must give us written notice of any changes or cancellation of orders prior to the time of shipping of the merchandise for this change to be accepted, and take into consideration. When placing an order, the buyer acknowledges that he has read and accepted the general sales conditions. The management must approve any special conditions granted to the purchaser by the company’s representative.


The prices indicated are unit prices, excluding taxes, in euros or in the currency of the designated country, and are understood to be ex warehouse, unless otherwise indicated. Transportation and insurance costs are at the buyer’s expense. Expressions reserves the right to modify the applicable prices at any time.


The delivery lead times shown on the orders are provided for the purpose of information only. Expressions can not be held responsible for the consequences of any delay in delivery, and this may not give validity to any claim for compensation or the right to refuse any products.


In accordance with Law L441-6 al 12 of the Code de Commerce, resulting from the “loi de modernization de l’économie n° 2008-776”, dated August 4 2008, any delay in payment may result in interest being applied for late payment equal to at least 3 times the legal interest (BCE) plus 1 point.

Expressions reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order in case of non-payment or late payment. If an invoice remains unpaid after a formal notice, legal procedures may be engaged, and the administration and legal costs, as well as legally applicable interest, will be at the buyer’s expense.

A 1,5% discount is granted for cash payment. Besides this deduction, any unilateral deductions on the part of the Client from one of its payment (and in particular automatic deductions, discounts, rebates, reductions or end of year bonuses not expressly granted by the Supplier), shall be considered unpaid and may give rise to penalties for late payment being applied.


If the client is acting as retailer, it undertakes only to sell through its sales outlet, on a retail basis to direct customers, and in accordance with the regulations applicable to the products. Any resale to wholesalers or resellers, on transfer to another sales outlet, is strictly prohibited. The client agrees not to instigate any promotional campaigns (sales, discounts, promotion, etc.) on the products supplied under the Supplier’s brand with first obtaining express agreement from the supplier in writing. Resale on internet is strictly prohibited, unless previously agreed in writing by Expressions.  


In accordance with the Law of May 12 1980 (n°67 563) regarding the property rights, all delivered merchandise will remain the property of Expressions until the invoices have been paid in full. In the case of seizure of the merchandise by a third party, the buyer shall make due mention of the property rights clause without delay. If payment is not received, and if a formal request for return of the merchandise has remained without effect for eight days, Expressions may unilaterally and immediately establish an inventory of the merchandise held by the buyer, who shall return this merchandise on demand.


Our goods are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for a period of two years as from the shipment. Damage caused to parts by incorrect use and accidental damage are not covered by this guarantee. No other claim of compensation may be raised against the supplier.

Repairs carried out and replacements supplied under the terms of the guarantee shall not constitute the start of a new guarantee period and shall not extend the initial guarantee.

This guarantee is granted exclusively to resellers of our products. Any exchanges under the terms of this warranty are subject to return of the defective article and a written description of the observed defect before the article can be replaced.The costs of return shipment are at the optician’s expense.


Products may only be returned or accepted back subject to obtaining express agreement in writing from Expressions in advance. Authorization to return a particular product does not give the client the right to return other products, even if these are identical.

The Client must return products carriage paid, at its own expense and risk.

Returns must be sent to the location indicated by the Supplier. Products must be returned in their original packaging, in perfect condition along with a copy of the original delivery note, the precise return authorization reference numbers, a detailed list of the products being returned, and a full description of each. All returns are subject to restocking  fees.        


The buyer may not make any claims to the brand or its logo, which are the property of Expressions. Any advertising that makes use of the brands, logos or other exclusive documents must be submitted for prior approval by Expressions.

Any sale of counterfeit goods and/or goods whose resemblance to Expressions goods (the product itself, packaging, trademark, logos etc.) would be likely to cause confusion in the mind of the public is prohibited.

Failure to abide by these stipulations may lead to the suspension of deliveries and would expose anyone in possession of counterfeit goods to legal proceedings on the grounds of handling stolen goods.


Any dispute, disagreement or legal proceedings shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Tribunal de Commerce (Commercial Court) in Paris. Only French law shall apply.