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General terms & conditions of sale

1.    When placing an order, “the customer” acknowledges that he has read and accepted the general terms and conditions of sale.

2.    “The customer” is committed to the order from when DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP has confirmed the order details and time of delivery.

3.    The delivery lead times shown on the frames are provided for the purpose of information only. DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any delay in delivery, and this may not give validity to any claim for compensation or the right to refuse any products.

4.    In the event of DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP failing to deliver the goods within maximum 60 days after confirmed delivery date, “the customer” has the right to cancel the requirement - only the non-delivered part - without further obligations.

5.    The prices indicated are unit prices, excluding taxes, in the currency of the designated country, unless otherwise indicated. DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP reserves the right to modify the applicable prices at any time.

6.    DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP reserves the right to suspend or cancel any order in case of non-payment or late payment. On any delay in payments interest and reminder can be applied. If an invoice remains unpaid after a formal notice, legal procedures may be engaged, and the administration and legal costs, as well as legally applicable interest, will be at “the customers” expense.  

7.    DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP’s goods are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for a period of two years as from the date of invoice. Damage caused to parts by incorrect use, accidental damage or by normal wear and tear is not covered by this guarantee. No other claim of compensation may be raised against DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP. This guarantee is granted exclusively to resellers of our products. The costs of return shipment are at the optician’s expense.

8.    Products may only be returned subject to prior agreement with DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP. Authorization to return a particular product does not give the client the right to return other products, even if these are identical. “The customer” must return the products at his own expense and risk.
All returns are subject to DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP’s return policy.

9.    All the brands or their logos are the property of DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP. Any advertising that makes use of the brands, logos or other exclusive documents must be submitted for prior approval by DESIGN EYEWEAR GROUP.