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Return and claim form

We wish to continue to provide the world's best service to our customers
and therefore we kindly ask you to follow the guidelines
below ​​​​when returning frames to us. Please find the return and
​​​​​​​claim form below.

Download the return form in: English / Deutsche / Español / Français

Download the claim form in English/ Deutsche / Español / Français

Exchange frames approved by your sales representative

Before returning frames from travel orders to Design Eyewear Group, please ensure that the frames have been approved by your sales representative. Without a return approval from your sales representative it will not be possible to credit the returned frames. We will unfortunately have to return the frames to you. It is only possible to issue a credit note if the frames are returned to us in perfect condition. After receipt of the returned frames Design Eyewear Group will as soon as possible issue a credit note. The credit process should not last longer than 2-3 weeks after receipt.

  • Please enclose a copy of the return receipt with the frames, which has been sent to you by the sales representative during the visit to your shop.

  • Kindly clean the frames prior to return.

  • Kindly adjust the frames back into the same shape in which you received them, e.g. with no significantly adjusted end tips.

  • The frames should be packed in separate plastic bags – to avoid scratching.

  • The frames should be returned in proper packaging which does not damage the frames during shipment.

Returned frames which will require additional handling by our Return Department will be charged a handling fee of € 10- per frame.

  • The frames have not been cleaned before returning.

  • The frames have been significantly adjusted.

  • The frames are returned in an inadequate condition.

  • If a return receipt is not enclosed with the frames, a fee of €20.00 will be charged.

The following conditions may be the reason that the returned frames will be rejected and sent back to you:

  • The frames are not packed in separate plastic bags.

  • The frames have apparently been worn by spectacle wearers.

  • The frames are damaged due to unsuitable packaging.

  • The frames have been returned without approval from the sales representative.

In order to offer an even faster and better handling of your return frames, kindly follow these guidelines.

Please forward all returned frames to the return address that you will find below.

Warranty cases

In case of a warranty issue where the end consumer is in an unfortunate situation, kindly contact our Customer Service Department immediately and order a new frame

When you have received the new frame, please return the defective frame to Design Eyewear Group. Upon receipt of the frame you will receive a credit note. To return the defective frame, please fill out the return form on our website, print it and enclose it in the shipment.

The return form must be enclosed with the shipment to Design Eyewear Group.

Returned warranty frames which will require additional handling deviating from the procedures described below will be deducted a handling fee of €10 per frame: If a return form is not enclosed with the defective frame(s), a fee of €20.00 will be deducted.

We kindly ask you to follow these guidelines in order for you to experience a fast handling/ crediting of your frame(s).


Frames on approval

Design Eyewear Group offers to send frames from all our brands on approval. Please return frames on approval within 14 days after receiving. If this period of time is exceeded significantly the frames will be considered as sold and cannot be returned.

Kindly enclose the return form with the shipment.

You can download the return or claim form that you will find below.

The following conditions may cause the frame to be rejected and returned to you:

  • The frame is returned too late.

  • The frame is returned in unsuitable packaging and therefore damaged.

  • The frame is returned in inadequate condition.

To offer an even swifter and better handling/crediting of the frame, please follow these procedures.

Returned approval frames which will require additional handling deviating from the procedures described will be deducted a handling fee of €10 per frame:

If a return form is not enclosed with the defective frame(s), a fee of €20.00 will be deducted.

We thank you very much for your understanding and look forward to cooperating with you in future.

Yours sincerely,