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"Design is the heart of our company"

Lars Flyvholm, CEO at Design Eyewear Group

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Lars FlyvholmLars Flyvholm

Our brand portfolio

Do you want to feel and look good?

Since 1973 we have created beautiful eyewear with a clean-cut Scandinavian feel. Our heritage of functional Danish design inspires us to create eyewear, which is innovative, great looking and comfortable to wear.

The soul of the createur

Parisian FACE A FACE exudes audacity, always exquisite
and daring, drawing inspiration from Modern Art,
architecture and contemporary design.

Strong looks for nifty people

NIFTIES fit adults with fine facial features, in sizes 44-49. The frames have very flexible temples and nifty details, making it easy to spot NIFTIES in the crowd.

Are you ready to be woowed?

WOOW is the perfect mix of London BEAT and Paris FASHION; enjoy the EXCITING shapes,
​​​​HUMOROUS details and a UNIQUE style.

Do it with passion!

Kilsgaard Eyewear has a passion for design, made to
last for decades. We believe in creating evergreens.

Danish optics since 1997

At Inface, we have created eyewear with roots in Danish design since 1987. We use proven technologies of the eyewear industry and combine it with fashionable colours and shapes.