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Carried away by its positive energy, the new WOOW collection will live up to your wildest dreams. Resolutely anti-crisis eyewear shares the limelight with this free-spirited line, whose mission is to open up new horizons! Even mightier than the news, the hard knocks and the masks that cover our faces, these glasses have the wind in their sails and an infectious joy!  

DREAM BIG, GOING OUT, BRIGHT SIDE, CARRY ON, BE SAFE... or how to wear names as cool, comforting and unique as you are, for a WOOW IS YOU effect!

The winds of openness and freedom are blowing through the design of each of our models: the shapes have become larger and more assertive, in a spirit as cool as it is trendy, reminiscent of the celebrated 70s... completely reinvented! The colour palette is updated to give way to the expression of a whole new joy: iridescent, electric and strong blues, refreshing granitas and rainbow gradients push the WOOW spirit to its peak.

A freshness and energy that makes you want to let go and be surprised... all the while giving the best of yourself!

More than ever in these unprecedented times, a joyful and offbeat spirit is at the heart of the brand’s intentions: welcome to the land of striking glasses that dream of life getting back on track and celebrate the positive while waiting for it to resume.

Ask for the line-up and see for yourself: WOOW IS YOU!


Material: Acetate
3 shapes in 6 colours.

These acetate frames for men are as well cut as they are assertive: refined glasses to see life with ambition... Or how to stand out from the crowd or reach new heights: DREAM BIG!

Three tall shapes set the tone for this vintage-inspired line in a super-powerful matte red Clark Kent-style, or a subtly daring green gradient on tortoiseshell. Dream yes, but please dream big!

​​​​​​​Material: Metal
2 shapes in 3 colours

Trendy and sassy are the order of the day for this cult model! This feminine metal concept makes you want to embrace life as it comes: an invitation to luxury and lust, to the sensual and the compulsive!

On the GET SOME programme: an exciting offbeat cut between two expansive oversized shapes and reassuring colours. Large, architectural and fluttering shapes open up the eyes, while a somewhat bubbly round shape add a voluptuous and enveloping feel. A refined interplay of matte and shine to enjoy in peacock blue or adore as a galvanic icon!


​​​​​​​BRIGHT SIDE 1-2
Material: Metal
2 shapes in 6 colours

Look on the BRIGHT SIDE! These mischievous tricolour metal glasses are as sassy as they are wise and help you to see life in a brighter light... without rushing!

Sparkling and smiling, they subtly combine galvanic and matte colours for a shimmering, precious effect, available in a round lemon or round cat-eye shape. A positive vibration that blossoms in a Klein blue with galvanic silver, or in a combination of pink and emerald green enhanced with galvanic gold. The joy of life and mischief incarnate!

Material: Metal
2 shapes in 5 colours

Warning: flashback! Do you get DÉJÀ VU from your wildest dreams with these glasses? Both tough, technical and very lightweight, these premium, masculine titanium frames are sure to make you stand out... and get you noticed!

Their shapes have a strong sense of style and compromise: an inspired Pantos and a small square open out in ultra-vibrating matte colours combined with eye-catching galvanic finishes. Decked out in a vibrant and vitalising yellow, these glasses make you want to dare to shine and to have fun! Déjà vu like never before... or the art of classic twisted WOOW style.

​​​​​​​BE SAFE 1
Material: Metal combined
1 shape in 6 colours

These glasses take the idea of self-care and turn it into a WOOW mantra: they will remind you every day to take care of yourself! An acetate insert well protected in titanium casing is the recipe for this innovative and cheerful Pantos... lightweight and comfortable, guaranteeing a BE SAFE effect!

Subtly weaving between the interplay of cut-outs and materials, between your comfort zone and adventure, the colour palette explodes in a flowery pattern modernised with fluorescent orange. A happy blend between the carnal side of the materials and the cool, precise side of metal. You are well protected!



​​​​​​​ROOF TOP 1-2
​​​​​​​Material: Acetate
2 shapes in 6 colours


Take style to new heights with the art of ROOF TOP WOOW-style! These skilfully crafted glasses are as stylish as a New York rooftop terrace: a piece of metal adds a precious, graphic detail that creates a stunning effect!

A Panto and a super-iconic round shape in 70’s-inspired colours: an opalescent nude is set ablaze in cobalt blue and regressive granita, while a sunset gradient evokes the softness of a sunset. Life at its best... and a view from the top!



​​​​​​​​​​​​​GOING OUT 1-2
​​​​​​​Material: Acetate
2 shapes in 6 colours

Where do you draw the line? Certainly not by choosing this acetate concept that pushes back the boundaries of eyewear and your horizons! The interplay of patterns, colours and transparency on either side of the frame seems to draw us irresistibly towards the outside... the GOING OUT effect, no doubt?

A new feminine rectangular shape and chiselled Pantos reinvent the real WOOW way in bold, sharp colours. A sapphire blue as mysterious as it is bewitching, with a bluish scale to boot? An electric pink revealed by a retro candy-coloured granita? Open up the world of possibilities, the world is waiting for you!

​​​​​​​CARRY ON 1-2
Material: Metal
2 shapes in 6 colours

All the hard times are behind you with the CARRY ON model! This metal men’s concept invites you to be resilient: flexibility and robustness set the tone for its fine, flowing shapes! A rolled end-piece on the bezel makes it rock-solid... doesn’t that remind you of someone?

In a refined retro style, a smart square and an ambitious rectangle are galvanised in metallic colours: an electric blue and green make you want to assert yourself... and move forward!

Material: Acetate
3 shapes in 6 colours

If the hippie spirit and the height of chic were to merge, they would no doubt take the form of FEEL FREE! This oversized and refined acetate eyewear takes all the liberties: large hexagonal, square or Pantos, they evoke the very best of the seventies spirit!

But there’s no question of skimping on modernity: the colours are sharp, lively and make the interplay of patterns subtle, enhanced by contrasting end-tips. Multicoloured granitas, flowery freedom-inspired patterns, smoky green, elaborate browns... Free yourself, outdo yourself, reveal yourself: let the wind of freedom blow!