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Strong looks for nifty people

NIFTIES Eyewear is designed to fit adults with fine facial features perfectly. Available in sizes 44-49, the NIFTIES collection has an international look, with flattering shapes and trendy colors. Each frame has very flexible temples and nifty details, such as the signature stripes on the temples that make NIFTIES stand out in the crowd.

Even though NIFTIES is for people with fine facial features, the shapes of this season are a little bit larger than usual. But don’t worry; they are still made to fit the nifty face. The focus is on lightness and purity, with flexible designs in stainless steel and durable looks combined with comfy colorful acetate details.

NI8507 - 8508

Material: Stainless steel, Acetate and epoxy
2 Shapes in 4 Colours

Available in two different shapes, these frames are the perfect combination between comfortable and stylish. Choose between a traditional panto shape or the trendy slightly squared shape. Both shapes come in a variation of toned-down earth tones on the sleek front, which is more significant on the top rim and invisible at the bottom. The tone-in-tone acetate covering the thin metal temple provides a beautiful warm contrast to the steel front. The fine construction gives these pairs both character and attitude. The two styles suit both men and women who want a classic style that is both flexible and comfortable.

NI8505 - 8506

Material: Stainless Steel and acetate
2 Shapes

The energy of these two different shaped frames is emphasized by two significant metal eyebrows in contrasting colors at both sides of the rim. This gives the frame a dynamic signature, making it the ideal frame for a modern lifestyle and stylish individual. The frame is convenient with comfortably fitted acetate on the end of the temple, with appealing bright matching colors. The super slim metal temple supports the lightness of the frame and the different color combinations.

​​​​​​​NI8499 - 8500

Material: Stainless Steel and acetate
2 Shapes

Two beautiful feminine shapes based on modern thin cut steel front that surrounds the eyes. One is a modified round shape and the other has a slightly cat-eyed shape which opens up the eyes. As a contrast to the cold steel, the thin metal temples are covered with long transparent acetate end-tips in different colourful shades. The whole look is both light and retro. The acetate-covered temple tips ensure a comfortable fit and add some feminine colors to the look. They are inspired by marble and granite stones and soften the audacious metal colors and the characteristic front.