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New looks for fine features

NIFTIES Eyewear is designed to fit perfectly adults with fine facial features available in sizes 44-49, the NIFTIES collection has a global, cosmopolitan look, with flattering shapes and trendy colors. Each frame has extremely flexible temples and nifty details, such as the signature stripes on the temples that make NIFTIES stand out in the crowd.

Even though NIFTIES is made is for people with fine facial features, the on-trend shapes this season include a wide range from tiny, thin and lightweight to striking and oversized. But don’t worry, they are still made to fit the nifty face. We have been inspired by the past and have played with trendy acetates, daring color combinations and bold retro shapes that enhance your character and make heads turn.


Material: Acetate
2 Shapes in 4 Colours

With a whole load of attitude borrowed from the hustling ‘70s, these frames sport very different shapes but are both dynamic in their design with vibrant colors to match. The large panto and the hexagonal shape are both youthful and fresh, with a blast of vintagevibes that complete the look.

The audacious feminine frames, on the other hand, ooze elegant confidence with vintage-feel pastel colored silk paint effects and bright demi colors on both the front and temples.

NI9458 Col. 4225


Material: Stainless steel
2 Shapes in 4 colours

Two very feminine styles, alluring in appearance. The beautifully formed metal frame is contrasted with a metal front bar in a contrasting  color. The slim and delicate temples are covered with long acetate temple tips in coordinating colors that complete the design by adding a touch of warmth to the models.

They come in an energetic panto shape and a softer, more refined rectangle form, both inspired by vintage 50’s fashion and both extraordinarily lightweight and elegant.

NI8512 Col. 3021



Material: Acetate
2 Shapes in 4 colours

Two finely balanced masculine shapes set on a full acetate frame. One is a light yet defined square shape while the other, a modern panto for a slightly oversized look.

They come in a spectrum of preppy and luxurious colors, from solid matte black to fully transparent glass, as well as horn-like shades of brown, grey and blue. Each is perfectly finished, as the frame-front merges with the temples in tonal shades, ending in a spatulated temple tip.