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A stylish new season!

Driven by a passion for design, when we design eyewear, we create great looks for the people we love and care about. We never blindly follow trends and dogmas just to be hip. Our designs are grounded. We make simple, elegant frames that never go out of style.

This season we are looking forward to introducing a new collection that pushes the boundaries. It offers light and comfortable frames that do not compromise on attitude and style. Classic yet hip, unique and vibrant. Enjoy!  

Darren ColeshillDarren Coleshill

Morning lane


The distinctive feminine shapes of these new models exude both audacity and femininity. They have a touch of Nordic minimalism and a strong character mixed with a huge palette of beautiful colors added to the new aluminum fronts which are twice as light as titanium. A small but noteworthy detail is Kilsgaard’s delicate signature milling on the front, which gives an extra dimension of energy and movement to the design.

The wide range of colors facilitates a number of different looks, with the option of matching the frames to eye, hair or skin color, or selecting a color to suit your personal or professional style. The acetate end tips further amplify the style with contrast and warmth.

Camden High StreetCamden High Street



1 Shape in 5 Colors

The two new reinterpreted designs of the classic pilot shape give these new male frames a modern and bold look. The fronts are made of aluminum and are twice as light as titanium for a perfect comfort. The design is classic with an expressive twist, giving it a compelling character suited to the assertive and stylish gentleman. These frames focus on both comfort and style. The palette of warm colors and the delicate millings soften the distinct style to match the modern everyday look.

Marksman PubMarksman Pub


Material: Acetate
1 Shape in 4 Colors

Three new rectangular shapes for both men and women made of acetate all over, ranging from larger to smaller sizes. The premium Japanese acetate has allowed the special sculpting of the fronts which give them their unique look. These frames are truly a work of art, polished by hand with an incomparable level of brightness. The full acetate temples are milled in soft colors to enhance the warmth of the acetate. The color palette is inspired by the Scandinavian nature, from the grey and stormy blue colors, to the rich maroon, brandy brown, and more beige tones. They are set either as one colored acetate, horn, or two-colored acetate for a play with character and vivacity. Comfort, style, and design are truly in focus.