80893B56-9F61-4C0D-98D0-B05845E54ADFCreated with sketchtool.
6F6F6810-4762-479D-B96B-EA1E868931D1Created with sketchtool.
2A9EA711-8D2B-4982-9D30-11F7CA70EFCFCreated with sketchtool.
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Sometimes, capturing a single idea and expressing it as clearly as possible is the right thing to do. It paves the way for designs that are not only strikingly simple. They’re also different and distinct in their own right. It’s the minimalistic design that holds the potential to create the greatest impression.

We’re introducing a series of frames characterised by simple, yet bold expressions. It’s seen in the uncompromising use of materials. It’s seen in the constant attention to every detail. It’s felt in the clean-cut and confident designs. One clear intention, one clear idea. Nothing more, nothing less.

A collection for those of us who never compromise.

Darren ColeshillDarren Coleshill

Material: Titanium
1 shape, 4 Colors

These two graceful shapes made of ultra-flexible and comfortable Beta Titanium are the embodiment of femininity with a modern flair. They have an independent streak with a splash of sensuality. The stretched lines of the rectangular HAYLEY and the slightly edged rounded shape of MOANA come together in a slick and streamlined expression with an oversized profile that opens your eyes to the world around you.

This lively and energetic look is both contemporary and fresh and is paired with a rich color palette inspired by the precious shades of nature together with warm shiny gold nuances. The temples are furnished with refined sculpted end tips made from high-quality Japanese acetate.

HAYLEY Col. 8521

Camden High StreetCamden High Street

​​​​​​​Material: Acetate
1 Shape, 3 Colors

Precision, raw materials and bold choices. Our reworked Carlyle model using unadorned acetate stays true to what we believe in — and what works: Honest and minimalistic design. The frame we’re introducing is clean and simple without any excess. We’ve reimagined the classic round panto shape and made no compromises when it comes to the choice of materials. When you’ve taken away any excess what’s left are the essentials.

Carlyle comes in two sets of sizes for males and females. It features a range of classic toned down and diffused earthen colours — ranging from pale khaki and brown tortoise to solid black. Two distinct fronts, matte or blank and comes with complementary coloured temples. This comprises a universal selection of frames where everything is reduced until it’s just right — leaving nothing to chance.

CARLYLE Col. 5521