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Uncompromising quality in a range of original shapes — with truly bold choices. We’re heading into the new year with a collection that celebrates everything we’re about: Prime materials, careful attention to every detail and minimalist choices that speak for themselves. Simply because we know that less is more.

This is a collection of frames that highlight the power of integrity in design. Some shapes are based on what always works, others are new and characterised by loads of attitude. In other words: Timeless designs with a hint of what’s next. While we’ve added drops of new, exclusive acetates, they all still create their own mesmerising patterns and rich colours.

The aluminum concepts are still defined by classic volumes, but now accompanied by a new concept with slightly more edge. As always, we’ve added finishing touches and elegant details to complete the picture. That kind of precision and honesty in design is our legacy.


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ACETATE 10​​​​​​​

Stylish, distinctive and a testament to the diversity of acetate: This is ACETATE 10. It is characterised by a round shape, highly voluminous temples and end pieces — a new take on a classic shape. ACETATE 10 will be available in a broad range of colours and patterns; a modern gum, tortoise, smoky transparent, dark green, two different sun frames and much more. The 10L has a larger fit, making the appeal as broad as possible.

ACETATE 11​​​​​​​

A voluminous shape with a highly universal appeal. ACETATE 11 is a classic square shape made from prime Japanese acetates. It’s bold look makes it ideal for people who want or need a larger fit. It will be available in darker subdued colours, a cloudy red and a dark blue. Essential and uncompromising – with a tinfoil firefly on the inside and outside of the temple, as a new feature.

ACETATE 15​​​​​​​

ACETATE 15 is a frame characterised by its lifted and modern expression. The rectangular frame is accompanied by a keyhole bridge and a high B-dimension, creating a distinctive look. As always the trademark attention to detail goes across the entire concept. This is not only seen in the choice of colour that includes a tortoise, deep blue, transparent, dark brown or jet black sun, but also in the tinfoil firefly engraved in the exclusive acetate.