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A rigorous new season

Driven by a passion for design, we create great-looking eyewear for those we love and care about. We don't follow trends and dogmas just to stay hip. Our designs are grounded in timeless functionality. We make simple, elegant frames that never go out of style.

The styles for the new season emerge from a core streamlined design, that branches out into several creative expressions that fuse form and function. Despite the very sleek, almost understated profiles of each frame, the new collection stands out from the crowd with its timeless yet contemporary style.

Minimalistic yet hip, unique and bold. Enjoy!

Darren ColeshillDarren Coleshill

Material: Titanium
1 shape, 4 Colors

These two graceful shapes made of ultra-flexible and comfortable Beta Titanium are the embodiment of femininity with a modern flair. They have an independent streak with a splash of sensuality. . The stretched lines of the rectangular HAYLEY and the slightly edged rounded shape of MOANA come together in a slick and streamlined expression with an oversized profile that opens your eyes to the world around you.

This lively and energetic look is both contemporary and fresh and is paired with a rich color palette inspired by the precious shades of nature together with warm shiny gold nuances. The temples are furnished with refined sculpted end tips made from high-quality Japanese acetate.

HAYLEY Col. 8521

Camden High StreetCamden High Street

​​​​​​​Material: Titanium
1 Shape, 4 Colors

Minimalistic with an uncomplicated and graceful touch. These two fine frames are the more masculine or possibly unisex take on our fresh Beta Titanium collection. Make no mistake, the comfort and flexibility of these frames is exceptional. First is the STERLING, a round, slightly oversized shape for the petite face followed by the ARGYLL, a classic male shape for larger faces. Take note of the straight parallel temples that add a tight and structured line to complete the look.

The subdued color palette features forest green, marine blue and matte black as well as metallic shades of shiny silver and rare gold. These are complemented with refined sculpted end tips in high-quality Japanese acetate.

Marksman PubMarksman Pub

STERLING Col. 2012 + 1032