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Kilsgaard is an uncompromising eyewear brand based in Denmark. We craft timeless and clean-cut frames from high-quality materials and are borne of the belief that great design is about being honest. Doing more by doing less and doing it right.


In times of change and always searching for what's next, we see a need to focus.
To focus on truly caring on respecting uncompromising choices — on staying true at all times.

While many things have changed over the years, great design hasn't. It's still about showing relentless attention to detail and showing interest in working with your materials – carving out what's absolutely essential.

To us great design is about being honest. We don't see a need to beautify what's already there. There's no need to exaggerate. Instead we see power in reduction — letting raw materials and minimalist choices speak for themselves. Creating products where nothing is left to chance. Sometimes, capturing one single idea and finding the clearest possible way to express it is enough. Doing more by doing less and doing it one hundred percent correctly.

That kind of honesty in design is timeless. Just like our frames.

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We're introducing four new frames to the ALUMINUM concept that follow the style and design philosophy introduced in our January launch. You'll still get a focused and refined piece of eyewear in evergreen shapes ranging from pantos to classic squares. They're all made entirely from prime aluminum and mazzuchelli acetates — and will be released in a narrow, yet elegant color range.

The aluminum is anodised creating a deep and vibrant colouration that gives a special tactility and high durability to every frame. A classic style choice made to the highest possible standards.

ALUMINUM 07 - Col.4021

ACETATE 09 - Col.. 4134

ACETATE 07 L & 09


Our two new ACETATE frames are as bold and distinct as you would expect — and yet so much more. Where the 07 L is a larger follow-up on the bestselling shape from our January launch, the 09 is an entirely new shape in a chunky square design.

All of the frames are made entirely from prime Japanese acetates that provide distinct patterns — and even a new deep red color. As usual, you'll be able to truly feel the quality of the frame due to the materials richness, just like you'll enjoy the custom details in the end-tips. new frames that truly encompass the Kilsgaard design DNA.

ALUMINUM 09 - Col. 6031