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This is INFACE. A harmonious way to see the world. Crafted in Denmark in 1987 with deep roots in the Nordic design tradition. Simple designs, clean lines and Scandinavian minimalism is signature.

The new spring/summer collection is the boldest to date, with dashing colors and daring combinations. It signifies a world that aims to move forward, looking for new roads to walk yet not forgetting its roots. Contrast is crucial, but comfort is mandatory with great technical details and lightweight designs. Multicolored temples are set against matte-toned down fronts or the other way around, and acetate is combined with titanium. Almost every frame has humble details like a bright reverse side or a twotoned front. Even though the concepts are colorful and filled with excitement, the simple and straightforward design that defines INFACE still saturates the collection.

IF9854 - Col. 6031

Material: Acetate
2 shapes in 3 colors

God knows that daring and innovative eyewear designs can be small masterpieces in themselves. But hand on our eyewear heart, there are some frames that quite simply suit most face shapes. Once again, 9855 and 9856 lead the way when it comes to minimalist sunglasses for the modern man. Classic and becoming - but definitely not boring. In short, a sure bestseller for spring 2022.

Material: Acetate
2 shapes in 3 colors

Acetate is a flexible material. It can be coloured and shaped as you want it, and it weighs very little. Here, it has been transformed to a cheeky round hipster model, and a more classic square shape with rounded corners. Both designs have relatively thin frames. Turn up the personal power in your look by choosing one of the more conspicuous colours, such as blue.

IF9855 - Col. 5025