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This is INFACE. A harmonious way to see the world. Crafted in Denmark in 1987 with deep roots in the Nordic design tradition. Simple designs, clean lines and Scandinavian minimalism is signature.

The AW collection combines classic shapes, bright colours, and distinctive details. Less is more, and the character lies in the detail. As a characteristic of INFACE, excellent craftsmanship is demonstrated in a minimalistic and functional way mixed with great design skills. Playfulness is defined by colourful contrasts, embellishment, and fresh silhouettes balanced with elegant classic looks and never compromising comfort. The confident calmness of this collection saturates both the bold and the more traditional designs, mirroring that we all need uncomplicated fixing points in our lives.

IF9866 - Col. 9032

3 unisex shapes in 4 colours

Choose between a small round shape with a flat top, a slightly oversized panto, or a classic rectangular shape in this unisex concept. The frames are made from acetate with a minimalistic look with sleek temples and trendy colours varying from matte, shiny two tones, transparent or solid.

IF9869 - Col. 9024

IF9495 - Col. 4024

2 feminine shapes in 4 colours

These brawny shades come in a round and a butterfly shape with a chunky front and high temples. The front is split horizontally into two tones, and the temple tip is dipped with a colour splash. The colours vary from purple and orange contrasts to plain tan or demi.

IF9492 - Col. 9531

4 unisex shapes in 4 colours

A mix of rectangular and panto unisex shapes and one feminine cat-eye. A simple design with colour coherence between the temples and the front embellished with the two silver rivets at the endpiece. They come in various shady colours with a few detours to more bright or colourless ones.