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INFACE is a Danish eyewear brand, founded in 1987 by a Danish optician. He produced high-quality eyewear firmly rooted in Danish design traditions at surprisingly attractive prices.

At INFACE, we design new concepts by merging today's fashionable colors and shapes seamlessly with proven eyewear technology.


Our first collection for the new year highlights clean and uncluttered lines that embodies sporty or elegant characteristics, making a bold yet refined statement with every pair. The light and minimalist theme is carried over to the classic shapes and subtle colors featured in our eyewear. With comfortable functionality, it is our tribute to Nordic design traditions and excellent technical craftmanship.  Of course, we offer a broad range of sizes available for men and women.

"The Inface collection covers all needs: acetate, titanium, stainless steel for optical frames and a select range of fashionable sun frames for both men and women,”

IF9430 c. 6424

IF9453 - 54
Material: Acetate
2 shapes in 4 colors

The masculine combination of high-density acetate, a slim profile and dark, toned-down colors such as blue, grey, horn and matte black, make for two of the coolest and classic rectangular frames uifor the most stylish of men. Its sporty and dynamic vibe is emphasized by its functional and clean design, free of unnecessary details other than an iconic metal rivet on the front.  


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​IF1442 - 45
Material: Titanium
4 shapes in 4 colors

These frames come in four classic yet distinct feminine shapes that share an incredibly lightweight design highlighted by the use of vibrant colors and metals with a shiny or matte finish. The simplicity of its external look is achieved by the innovative use of a single titanium sheet resulting in very thin frames of unexpected and extra-durable quality. Besides its lightweight construction, the addition of Beta Titanium elastic alloy on the temples also make them flexible and comfortable for to wear daily.

The styles come with two different constructions. Each square-shaped pair hides an innovative hinge system that forms a gap between the temple and the frame-fronts. This enhances its lightweight characteristics along with its soft pastel shades and metallic colored temples.

​​​​​​​While the subtle trapezoid-shaped frames have finely milled end pieces that come in close contact to the temples for a simple, uncluttered look accented by pops of bold and vibrant colors. Both frames are capped with acetate end tips in matching colors to complete the look.


IF1445 col. 8531

IF1344 c. 6721 - IF1344 c. 2022

​​​​​​​IF9455 - 57
Material: Acetate
3 shapes in 4 colors

​​​​​​​A modern yet feminine spirit embodies these three dynamic frames made entirely out of high-density, thin acetate. They are both classic and timeless, infused with pure Nordic inspiration, and is available in two soft rectangular shapes and a third iconic, vigorous panto shape, all available in a range of sizes to fit a wide span of feminine faces.

They come in a variety of soft color combinations, spiced up with contrasting granite patterns on either the front or on the temples for a vibrant look. Choose between a simple yet striking look or one that is transparent and light in appearance.

IF9790 col. 904IF9790 col. 904

IF9457 col. 5012

IF9455 col. 9024


IF9791 col. 6034IF9791 col. 6034

IF1344 c. 2022​​​​​​​