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​​​​​​​"LIGHTNESS OF SPRING"​​​​​​​

A Danish optician founded eyewear brand INFACE in 1987. He aimed to make high quality eyewear rooted in strong Danish design traditions at surprisingly attractive prices. At INFACE, we design new concepts using proven technologies combined with the latest fashion colors and shapes. The new spring shapes are a dashing combination of minimalism, character, and lightness. It shows great technical craftsmanship, quality materials, and elegant designs that embrace the Danish design heritage with a classy coherence between the different models. Of course, we offer a broad range of sizes and color blends for every man and woman.

"The Inface collection covers all needs: acetate, titanium, stainless steel for optical frames and a select range of fashionable sun frames for both men and women,”

IF9430 c. 6424

IF9441 - 43

The finest techniques have been used to make these three new feminine models from the thinnest acetate possible. The thin frame is made of high-density and very resistant acetate, and along with the slim and discreet metal temple, the design is both minimalistic and elegant. Besides the thorough design, the thin temples are also naturally flexible. The sheen metal in combination with the warmth of the acetate expresses harmony, with well-balanced feminine colors inspired by the colors you see inside the typical Scandinavian home. The long acetate end tips add a touch of contrast and energy to the wholeness of the look, like a playful twinkle in the eye.



​​​​​​​IF1351 - 53

A simple and very pure look is the essence of these three feminine shapes, which are similar to the acetate models. The slim titanium fronts and very thin metal temples embody minimalism and elegance, yet the long two-toned acetate end tips signal an awareness of style.  The frames are both naturally flexible and resistant, as well as adaptable for a broad range of face types. The light appearance in subtle metal colors and the sheen metal temples present both a modern and functional design, with a focus on comfort.


IF1351 col. 6031


IF9431 c. 5422

IF1344 c. 6721 - IF1344 c. 2022

IF9444 - 46

The combination of the extremely thin and resistant high-density acetate with the titanium temples makes these three masculine shapes very modern. The classic titanium temples with the perforated and dynamic profile are both sporty yet classic, and the slim acetate front is very stylish, adding a touch of warmth and softness to the look.  With audacious gradient colors and innovative transparencies on the classic yet fresh shapes, the frames have a timeless but renewed spirit that are so characteristic of the INFACE man.


IF9790 col. 904IF9790 col. 904

IF9444 col. 6444

IF9791 col. 6034IF9791 col. 6034

IF1344 c. 2022


IF1354 - 56

A masculine spirit with an incredible lightness in the design is what characterizes these three new shapes. The titanium fronts are mounted with nylon threads and the dynamic profile of the titanium temples adds energy and sportiness to the otherwise very simple design.  They come in a broad range of timeless yet trendy color combinations and various sizes to fit different face types and diverse individuals.