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At INFACE, we design new concepts by merging today’s stylish shapes and colors with proven eyewear technology seamlessly.

New spring suns add comfort to cloudless days. It embodies elegance by weaving classic looks with discreet details. Tasteful patterns, earthy colors and lustrous finishing touches inspired by Nordic nature embrace these tranquil designs.

It highlights our tradition of excellent craftmanship blended with functionality and striking design. We offer a broad range of sizes available for men and women.

"The Inface collection covers all needs: acetate, titanium, stainless steel for optical frames and a select range of fashionable sun frames for both men and women,”

IF9809 c. 6515

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​IF9829 - 30
Material: Acetate
2 shapes in 3 colors

These two new feminine frames, perfect for days in the sun, come with a bold retro vibe yet still timeless in style. The voluminous frame is crafted from thick acetate and graced with a polished surface. Two shapes - one, a large, yet soft square, the other a modified rounded form – are accentuated by smooth, organic lines and an edgy finish.

A palette of rich earth tones emphasizes its streamlined form, with its sharpness underscored by a sleek vertical slice of color in front. Choose between vibrant contrasting solid or demi colors, or a harmonious tonal look.

IF9830 col. 4225

IF9829 col. 6725

IF1344 c. 6721 - IF1344 c. 2022

​​​​​​​IF9831 - 32
Material: Acetate
2 shapes in 3 colors

Two classic acetate frames for the style-conscious woman. Both shapes are crafted from thin acetate for a graceful, graphic look without the clutter. First is a large, angular lens that flatters, bringing a distinctly modern expression. The second, a slightly smaller signature lens that frames the face.

Comfort is key with these frames, which are suited for a long day soaking up the sun. They come in classic, natural tones with a mix of tortoise and softer semi-transparent hues ranging from a light transparent greyish blue to dark brown and delicate caramel rose.

IF9831 col. 6032IF9831 col. 6032

IF9831 col. 6032

IF9791 col. 6034IF9791 col. 6034

IF1344 c. 2022​​​​​​​