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The soul of the createur

This season, FACE Á FACE creates a bold, futurist universe teeming with transformation and metamorphasis. Pascal Jaulent, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, with his team of artistic designers, explore the alchemy between neon, transparent iridescent colors. The newest collection from FACE A FACE reveals precious materials crafted with prismatic reflections and bright resonances. Together they form a new cosmos of stellar dimension.

With new concepts such as YAYOI, KEITH and BAHIA, deconstruction is always at play. Each defines a new interlocking theme of the distinct construction elements of a frame - embedded within another to form a mysterious puzzle.

Further defining the collection are the use of lines as a graphical element. Circulating from one concept to the next, each loses itself in a labyrinth of MAZES as highlighted in BOCCA LEMON's eye, the discerning fold in HOLLOW and suspended within the design of TADAO. Experience the latest creations from FACE A FACE: an exclusive gallery of bright, graphical concepts where material and style interweave seamlessly.

Material: Titanium
2 shapes in 5 colours

The virtuoso NILUDO 2  is crafted entirely from bronze and expertly fashioned by the “crème de la crème” of French eyewear makers. These unique specs are inspired by the works of Nils Udo, best known for creating ephemeral artwork in nature. Poetic and sophisticated, the new addition to the NILUDO collection pays homage to FACE À FACE’s fascination with the Land Art Movement. Playing with abstraction and gravity, this model is an exercise in delicate minimalism, with bronze in place of wood, chiseled metal, and a frame as light as a suspended artwork. Crafted with techniques such as thermal hardening and branch-stamping, the bronze  NILUDO yields strength, flexibility and is painted and polished by hand for an impeccable finish.​​​​​​​


Matrial: Metal
2 Shapes in 4 Colours

​​​​​​​Arriving in the BOCCA Capsule collection is a fresh, jewelry inspired design that marries precious material with FACE À FACE’s dynamic, creative spirit. Part jewelry, part eyewear: these frames are cast in bronze and handset in lacquer via syringe for ultimate precision. Exclusively crafted in the Jura region of France, home to the few remaining artisans specialized in this rare form of refined, technical art. BOCCA LACCA is available in original hues such as coral,  mint green, understated nude and ivory, decorated in premium jewel tones of emerald and ruby.

BOCCA LACCA 1 col. LM201


"Parisian FACE A FACE exudes audacity, always exquisite and daring, drawing inspiration from Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design"


Material: Titanium
2 Shapes in 5 Colours

Be enchanted by the newest melody of BOCCA SONG! Adorned in 100% titanium, each is crafted in Japan utilizing the finest traditions of local craftsmanship. Like its melodic processors,  BOCCA SONG’s iconic, heel-shaped branches are sculpted entirely of metal—a refined nod to the spirit of avant-garde footwear. Here, le chic meets “l’électrique” thanks to playful colour palettes and fine material. Experience the blend of glossy hues such as palladium, copper, rose and yellow gold paired with bright neon’s and vibrant Klein blues. Their shape offers the wearer a delicate, feline allure that encapsulates wearable poetry. ​​​​​​​


Material: Acetate
2 Shapes in 2 Colours

​​​​​​​Fashioned by 3D-printing, the latest ALIUM LAB concept arrives where technology and art intersect. Both lightweight and elegant, true to ALIUM tradition, this slightly larger design is available in a series of sporty, two tone dynamic hues ranging from midnight blue to startling red – all in an exciting and athletic spirit. The neo-material, a polyamide powder, is utilized to construct (or print) these innovative frames. This marriage of technologies delivers this ultra-lightweight feel, and communicate FACE À FACE’s ongoing commitment to eco-responsible eyewear options – experience the  future, today.