80893B56-9F61-4C0D-98D0-B05845E54ADFCreated with sketchtool.
6F6F6810-4762-479D-B96B-EA1E868931D1Created with sketchtool.
2A9EA711-8D2B-4982-9D30-11F7CA70EFCFCreated with sketchtool.
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Welcome to a new order of visual experience


Introducing, the latest creations from FACE A FACE. Unveiled, is a collection fashioned with artistic flair well off the beaten path - where others have never gone before.

Pascal Jaulent, cofounder and Chief Creative Officer, together with the FACE A FACE’s team of talented designers play with the senses while reversing perceptions of the past. This season, frames are imagined and crafted paying homage to goliaths of ART! With names like Escher, Vasarely, and Bridget Riley, each handcrafted piece exudes inspiration from historical masters of imagination.

Colourful explosions cause graphic effects and transform our designer’s dreams into reality. Each announce their entrance with bold aesthetics highlighted with tones of op’art stripe amber, vibrant neon shades and transparent twists. Together, evolution is achieved offering the pinnacle of eyewear expertise.

Don’t be fooled by the physical world. Experience the dream filled with awe inspiring light, optical illusion, controlled deconstructions, and intrigue. Truly a paradigm shift.

FACE A FACE: a creator brand of new form fused with artistic beauty and intricate design forms a new-fangled vision of the world. Enter the world if you dare.


​​​​​​​ALIUM LAB 5
1 Shape in 3 Colours

ALIUM LAB reinforces its success offering a avant-garde model for those seeking the next. A masculine round panto full of originality reveals both new aesthetics and innovative composite material.

Designed using state of the art 3D technology manufacturing guarantees form, function and style exclusively for the ALIUM man.


ALIUM LAB 5 Col. 3D11

​​​​​​​BOCCA PIXEL 3-4
​​​​​​​​​​Material: Acetate
2 Shapes in 6 Colours

Digital and borderline aesthetics give rise to the two new BOCCA PIXEL models. The mythic shoe becomes even more abstract, boasting both shiny and matte and refined sculpted end-pieces reinforcing the graphic, creative side of the pixel​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Moreover, a new palette of shading tones and bicolour fronts reinforce the visual evocation of a staircase and vertiginous spirit of these iconic glasses.

BOCCA PIXEL 3 col. 0370


"Parisian FACE A FACE exudes audacity, always exquisite and daring, drawing inspiration from Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design"

TWIST 1-2​​​​​​​
​​​​Material: Metal

2 Shapes in 6 Colours

​​​​​​​Sterling attention and mystery  is the secret behind these innovative frames hailing from France!  The shapes of TWIST unexpected, just as is the metal cylinder hiding the unique breveted hinge. the frames depart from the contours of cut glass, and evoke the precise and refined inside of the mechanics of pieces of clockmaking or of a music box.

TWIST is available in two mischievous, precious models showcasing a graphic spirit which is “twisted” in a blend of galvanic matte, flashy or pastel colours. Truly off-the-wall and always following its own path!

TWIST 1 Col. 0017

​​​​​​​​​​​Material: Acetate
2 Shapes in 5 Colours

​​​​​​​Rising from your imagination, OP’ART materializes its aesthetic through subtle two tone colour detailing transforming into a substantial, captivating panto matrix. Born is a levitating, bold parallelepiped 3-Dimensional structure of mystery. Is it the robust temples, highlighted by improbable thin edges or the ingenuous offset diving into the luminous gap?

Available in nude, fruity and coral transparencies, these playful and misleading frames will have you questioning your own reality.

OP'ART 2 Col. 100