80893B56-9F61-4C0D-98D0-B05845E54ADFCreated with sketchtool.
6F6F6810-4762-479D-B96B-EA1E868931D1Created with sketchtool.
2A9EA711-8D2B-4982-9D30-11F7CA70EFCFCreated with sketchtool.
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For this new collection the FACE A FACE design team, led by artistic director Pascal Jaulent explores the Art of Deconstruction to reinvent shift and slice though the frames … to give completely new shapes and breath life into this high-flying eyewear!

Sharp angles clean cut striking edges: a raw aesthetic leaves its mark and is expressed through a controlled sharp strokes. These brightly coloured eye pieces dare to imagine brand new shapes that make the deconstructed work visible and spectacular.

New materials and colours give this collection its power: fluorescent cocktails, mangroves, lichen, tropical greens and electric blues enhance the materials. A martial art in tailoring for a collection full of twists and turns.

Be where you’re not expected. Cultivate the unexpected and dare to surprise with FACE À FACE.

​​​​​​​BOCCA LEMON 3-4
​​​​​​​​​Material: Acetate
2 Shapes in 6 Colours

New materials, colours and patterns make the sulphurous BOCCA LEMONs shine! Made in Italy an oversized square and a rectangular shape stand out for their refreshingly tangy sweetness: a fruity detail brings emphasis to the corner of the eyes, whilst sparkling colours and transparency add vibrancy to both the face and the eyes.

Like tapered legs the curve of its temples ends in the iconic BOCCA shoe, this time enhanced by a transparent line. A fibrous tortoiseshell
enhanced by a zest of coral with water green temples vies for the limelight with a carmine red mixed with an explosive Klein blue. A giant burst of freshness for this new design!


BOCCA LEMON 4 Col. 3049

​​​​​​​ARMAN 1-2
​​​​​​​​​​Material: Acetate - integrated flex hinge
2 Shapes in 6 Colours

A clean, horizontal cut marks this decidedly masculine design. Evoking Arman, the artist, and his work on accumulation, the model plays with a mix of materials seemingly sliced by a knife and reassembled all the better to reinvent themselves. The horizontal line is highlighted by a coloured section that extends into the thick temples emphasising the richness of the material used.

Power and generosity are combined in an XXL rectangle and square shape: unstructured mosaic grey is highlighted by opaque petrol blue, while smoke grey tortoiseshell is enlivened with a tangerine flash. Bright colours and natural materials in an explosive design!

ARMAN 1 Col. 0643


"Parisian FACE A FACE exudes audacity, always exquisite and daring, drawing inspiration from Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design"

SHIFT 1-2​​​​​​​
​​​​Material: Acetate - 5 barrels hinge

2 Shapes in 6 Colours

Innovative and audacious: inspired by raw acetate sheets bonded together during manufacture, this frame surprises with unexpectedly offset frame edge. A coloured geometric block rises from the side to create the SHIFT!

A 5-piece hinge, unbeatable sculpture and finish: these stylish glasses are honed by French craftsmanship. Heightened burnishing gives them a post-industrial aesthetic nuanced by the wicked smoothness of the curves.​​​​​​​

SHIFT 1 Col. 4057

​​​​​​​​​​​Material: Aluminium - exclusive alium flex hinges
1 Shape in 4 Colours

Intelligent performance is the order of the day for this brand new concept in the ALIUM Y range: these glasses manufactured in France with a built-in flex hinge offer a perfect alliance between aluminium and acetate materials They are both lightweight and robust and are a match for whatever life throws at them.

A fine well-balanced round shape that evokes the sporting spirit of this men’s model – utilising a colour palette that has made this line so successful: sporty reds enhance the fine details of the frame adding dash and verve to a frame as enticing as a red sports car on a summers day.


ALIUM Y3 Col. 0015