80893B56-9F61-4C0D-98D0-B05845E54ADFCreated with sketchtool.
6F6F6810-4762-479D-B96B-EA1E868931D1Created with sketchtool.
2A9EA711-8D2B-4982-9D30-11F7CA70EFCFCreated with sketchtool.
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Is it a common thread? Part of the same puzzle? A breath of fresh energy constantly reinvented energy? A changing colourful line that has fun running through all the models to transform and give them momentum?

For this new collection, Pascal Jaulent, artistic director of the FACE À FACE design team has imagined a graphic line that is built, unravelled and played through each model.

The concepts also play with their interweaving connections and rethink themselves: a flexible, enveloping line ingenuously vies with more geometric and structured concepts.

Injecting real energy, colour lights up and catalyses the power of each piece of eyewear, giving them radiance and vitality. The colour range is renewed to highlight the graphic lines of this collection: natural shades such as ochre, terracotta and green open vistas to other atmospheres... contrasting with neons, fluorescents and transparent effects, so dear to the brand’s creative and off-beat spirit.

A precise balance between belonging and freedom, innovation and timelessness to celebrate the joy of self-renewal.


​​​​​​​STAMP 1-2
​​​​​​​​​Material: Acetate
2 Shapes in 6/5 Colours

Show your self-assurance and character with STAMP! This men’s eyewear, sculpted like an etching, is graphic and masculine: a direct movement gives its impulse and dynamism... the very essence of art!

Its assertive curves suggest it has been produced by a machine-die press  : a square and a rectangle give a strong design feel. An incisive flight of fantasy is found in two-toned yellow and grey tortoiseshell or in a cobalt blue gradient that clears to smoke. Eyewear for men who know where they are going... and what they want!


STAMP 1 Col. 0133

​​​​​​​BOCCA TWEET 1-2
​​​​​​​​​​Material: Acetate
2 Shapes in 5 Colours

The pixelation of the iconic BOCCA is still running free and finds a new composition in the equally talented BOCCA TWEET! Developing its vocabulary of cubic construction the front & side are constructed from a single 3D block. Like a Tweet this design cleverly says a lot... in a short space of time!

The main 3D milled section creates an effect at the corner of the eye which highlights the materials and transparencies involved : A brand new pixelated tortoiseshell sits alongside a cobalt blue and fluorescent yellow pixel in a softened or “big screen” square. This is true, digital style!

BOCCA TWEET 2 Col. 3070


"Parisian FACE A FACE exudes audacity, always exquisite and daring, drawing inspiration from Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design"

MASHA 1-2​​​​​​​
​​​​Material: Hardening bronze bar and aluminum eyerims, acetate long end tips

2 Shapes in 6 Colours

A stroke of energy flashes through this eyewear which brings together bronze and aluminium, the combination of robustness and lightness! An iconic FACE À FACE metal frame, this design concept reveals a sculpted volume, like a stroke of light that energises the model and enhances the eyes.

Sophisticated and precious MASHA is feline and feminine: its two cat eye shapes - round or rectangular - play with transparent and fluorescent effects. Teal, coral pink with transparent temples? Terracotta enhanced by a safari pattern? The finesse and delicacy of the line is increased and metamorphosed by bold colours that clash, surprise and give a unique chic style!


MASHA 2 Col. 9331M

​​​​​​​​​​​Material: Titanium eyerims and titanium beta bar - temple acetate endtips
2 Shapes in 5 Colours

A smart and casual spirit for this titanium design inspired by the work of the painter Rothko! Taking liberties, ROTKO eyewear is inspired by the artist’s palette: the abstract expressionism of a panto and a straight wide rectangle seem immersed in fields of colour.

Matte and satin-finish effects give texture to the bar and the eyes. The power of the concept is revealed in audacious colour combinations: electric green and intense blue mirror a casual chic style while a Klein blue is given real depth beneath a red bar. A unique vibration!


ROTKO 1 Col. 9713