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ALIUM combines performance, elegance and innovation - the reasons why it exists. ALIUM is now asserting its identity and values more than ever before, assuring its foundation and development since its launch as a separate brand in 2021.

Masculine designs made exclusively in France, a constant search for progress and innovation... The French brand confirms its love of beauty and good workmanship, highlighting the wealth of French expertise and craftsmanship in the manufacture of these designs. Just like this angled-striated end-piece, a signature of ALIUM manufacturing, offering flexibility and adaptability as iconic as it is unique.

A perfectly mastered combination of charisma and performance, the two concepts in this collection seek fresh technical territories: a new two-dimensional hinge for ALIUM GEAR, an innovative colour application for ALIUM BOLT... A strong, daring and inventive approach endows these creations with distinctive revolutionary lines, deployed in a wide variety of sizes.

Rich and varied, the collection takes flight and pace from newly developed colours and materials, combining the technical with the organic: metallic paints ranging from copper to anthracite grey meet dappled flakes and hues of bark.

Transform yourself, reinvent yourself: push the boundaries of elegance and possibility. Rock the ALIUM attitude!

CLUB 2 c.9101


  • Three shapes: a small square, a rectangle and a pilot rectangle
  • A pilot rectangle designed for wide faces
  • Sophisticated and stylish design

Sophisticated and innovative, the ALIUM EDGE design flirts with the limits of the known. A true ALIUM masterpiece, these men’s spectacles crystallise and showcase a wealth of French expertise and craftsmanship.

The metal is worked as a bevelled volume over the brow and catches the light – a testament to the sophistication of this demanding design. Elegance and restraint are similarly blended in the natural colour palette, which comes in a warm contrasting tortoiseshell, a subtle and delicious interplay of the technical and the organic. A journey to reinvent style at the edges of the possible!

SURF 3 c.0028

ALIUM BOLT 2 - Col. 9620


  • Made in France
  • Aluminum frame and acetate temples
  • Alium flex hinge

A strong designer look for this brand new ALIUM model! These sporty optics are proud in their thick contours and their subtle pilot shapes: pantos (round), square and oversized, making them essentials for membership of the club.

Distinctive eyewear in sophisticated colours and materials: elegant satin petroleum blue with horn acetate temples; an intense matte red in perfect balance with transparent dark grey temples; or a new matte English racing green that evokes the refinement of the gentleman’s club with classic tortoiseshell temples.

EDGE 2 c.9033


  • Made in France
  • Aluminum frame and acetate temples
  • Alium flex hinge

The iconic construction of ALIUM isembodied in this masculine and sturdy frame: a folded and striped (grooved) end piece make this a sporty and timeless design. SURF the wave of ALIUM SURF and dare to express the avant-garde and the iconic!

Pantos (round), rectangular and large rectangular variants come in sophisticated and elegant colours: Klein satin blue, flamed matt red or metallic Cerulean blue show off their elegance, and yours!