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Synaesthesia: The soul of the createur

November 2018

For the past 20 years we have created beautiful eyewear discovering new territories of volumes, shapes, materials and textures. Adding a unique colour range to each design has become a true trademark of FACE A FACE.

Our Parisian design team does not only look at the world of fine art to find inspiration, but they also explore the phenomenon ‘synaesthesia’ – the ability to mix senses and literally taste shapes or hear a colour.

​​​​​​​“Many famous artists are gifted with synaesthesia and have the ability to see and sense colour and form in a way that is surreal to others,” explains Pascal Jaulent, Head of Design at FACE A FACE, and elaborates: “We have found it very intriguing and fascinating to explore the many dimensions of this ability.”




SPARK plays with a golden bridge and golden temples in this extravagant sun concept. The transparent line deconstructs the front like a beam of light, creating a new geometry of the frame. This is inspired by the`Anarchitecture´of Gordon Matta-Clark.


This audacious frame radiates passion and sex-appeal. Inspired by Surrealism, BOCCA MANIA has thin golden temples that look exclusive and contrast the generously sculpted front. Explore the amazing new butterfly shapes, slightly pointed and with a fine colourful indentation echoing the lips of the BOCCA mouth.




MEYER echoes the aesthetic of the steel fame window from the first Bauhaus manifesto by architects Adolf Meyer and Walter Gropius. The strong outlines are formed by pressing two layers of acetate together creating a unique expression.

Explore the full collection on faceaface-paris.com




In BLAST the colouration is deconstructed like the effect of a blast; an edgy look created by using transparent or pale colours making it look like the eyebrow is floating. Note how the colour of the line in the front is repeated in the drop-shaped end-tips. The look is confident and truly fashion-forward.

“It truly requires passion and a sense of ‘synaesthesia’ to have this amount of accuratesse in choice of colours and shapes,” says Pascal Jaulent.

An elegant stand showcasing the new brand platform was the perfect setting for us to introduce the FACE A FACE collection. As a finishing touch to let our visitors experience a sense of synaesthesia we collaborated with award-winning chocolatier EDWART, Paris“

"Exploring the concept of synaesthesia has opened our world to artists, who with breathtaking creativity plays with our senses and explores the unexpected,” explains Pascal Jaulent.

The outcome of our collaboration was a delicate piece of chocolate with a surprising explosion of flavour not only evoking emotions through a visual expression of synaesthesia but a sensory sensation by giving them a taste of it as well.

SPARK 1 col. 1167SPARK 1 col. 1167

SPARK 1 col. 1167

MEYER 1 col. 2063MEYER 1 col. 2063

MEYER 1 col. 2063