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The origin of BOCCA by FACE A FACE

January 2019

Captivated by light!

The BOCCA collection by FACE A FACE originates from the desire to create a beautiful and feminine range of eyewear, inspired by a work of art and the work of an artist, as a tribute to feminine sensuality.

The new 2019 collection of Bocca goes step further and explore transparency and the play with optical effects.

“Sometimes a detail is nearly invisible when transparent and other times it is highlighted when colourful,” explains Creative Director Pascal Jaulent, “The way light and colour intertwine is truly captivating”.

Mae West Lips Sofa by Salvador DaliMae West Lips Sofa by Salvador Dali

Mae West Lips Sofa by Salvador Dali

It is easy to see that sensuality pulses through the BOCCA collections year after year with new inspiration and sex-appeal. The first limited editions, BOCCA Rock, radiates passion, glamour and a drawing power. And the BOCCA smoking, pay a tribute to the Yves Saint Laurent smoking suit. The sensual BOCCA collection of 2019 continues its sexy expression.

BOCCA smoking

BOCCA 1920's

BOCCA 1920's

A geometric pattern inspired by the Art Deco movement adorns the BOCCA 1920’s. A thin line, following the eye contour and the straight bridge, crosses the front and is echoed on top of the BOCCA shoe. The eyebrows look as if suspended, floating in the air. Elegant and sophisticated.

The first BOCCA eyewear was right away acclaimed all around the world. The success encouraged Pascal Jaulent to further explore the BOCCA concept as “eyewear with irresistible legs’’ which is now the well-established capsule collection BOCCA by FACE A FACE.

​​​​​​​Pascal Jaulent, the director of design at FACE A FACE, had fallen in love with the mythical Dalí “Mae West” sofa, which - from mouth to its look - is all about curves and sensuality. With this clear reference, the first BOCCA frames were created as sensual lips and temples sculpted like sexy legs, adorned with glamourous high heels.

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