80893B56-9F61-4C0D-98D0-B05845E54ADFCreated with sketchtool.
6F6F6810-4762-479D-B96B-EA1E868931D1Created with sketchtool.
2A9EA711-8D2B-4982-9D30-11F7CA70EFCFCreated with sketchtool.
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Autumn 2019

Autumn 2019 collection has Energy, revealed in all its forms,as its common theme. Inspired by the works of artists, such as the Light Painting of Gjon Mili, in partnership with Picasso in this incredible invention.

More than ever, Pascal Jaulent, co-founder and Artistic Director of the brand, and his team of Designers, have embraced the materials to further transcend them. Transparent, opaque, crystalline or opalescent, acetate makes it possible to play with contrasts and bring works to life. In this way, it becomes a precious stone, frost or beam of light. All this is revealed in a palette of electric or textured colours: frosted blue, granite, electric glitter pink amber, etc.

A collection crafted with incredible mastery, combining art and technical expertise, to make you love and wear fascinating glasses. Between fire and ice, a new kind of energy.


A brand new color palette for these 2 models , whose iconic shapes are sculpted in aluminum and combined on a superb bronze bar. A tre piece of eyewear jewely developed without screws nor complexes: the 2 aluminum cercles are linked to the bar thanks to a crewless system , based on the use of a nylon thread.

The shapes remind the curve of the eyebrows just another touch of eyeliner to treat your potential of seduction. Also Fitted with high quality ultra comfort flex temples

ANOUK 1 col. 2439ANOUK 1 col. 2439

AKIKO 2 -​​​​​​​ Col. 956


Material: Acetate
1 Shape in 6 Colours

BULLE is a truly unique and appears as if it was created by the breath of a glassblower. The thin line of the circles unfolds delicately in an organic form. It appears weightlessly in the heart of transparent material, like a sparkling bubble. Like a glass leg, the temple ends with a small, three-dimensional drop.

BULLE 1 - Col. 6002


Material: TITANIUM
2 Shapes in 6 Colours

The MALLET creation pays tribute to the architect Robert Mallet-Stevens and his expertise in hollowed volumes. Like an optical game, the frame changes shape depending on the point of view. Viewed from the front, the frame appears to be a simple 2D outline. Seen from the side or from above, one will discover its 3D volume like an anamorphosis. In the backside, the bright colours reveal and enhance this play of volume.

MALLET 1 - Col. 930M


Material: Acetate, Lacquer applied by syringe
2 Shapes in 6 Colours

PICCA 2 - Col. 4012

Picasso drew a stroke of light while the photographer Gjon Mili captured the moment on film. Like their light painting experiments, PICCA features a very graphic concept. On transparent acetate, a beam of colour appears like a flash of lightning. The lacquer application technique only allows three hours of application before the lacquer sets. A challenge for manufacturers, just as it was to freeze the painter’s drawings.

ALIUM 180 1-3

Material: Aluminium
3 Shapes in 4/5 Colours

It’s the ALIUM event of the back-to-work season. The new ALIUM 180 hinge revolutionizes ALIUM kinetics. Born is an exclusive, state of the art mechanism allowing the temples to open and close seamlessly at both 90 and even 180 degrees, horizontally. Daily use is effortless and truly innovative. Crafted in four masculine styles, in discerning colour palettes based in yellow, steel blue and sienna.

ALIUM 180 2 - Col. 9470


"Parisian FACE A FACE exudes audacity, always exquisite and daring, drawing inspiration from Modern Art, architecture and contemporary design"


Material: Acetate
2 Shapes in 6 Colours

The FREEZ concept reflects crystallised energy. On each circle of the frame, the hinge stands out. The hinge is as if caught in ice, creating a contrast between a frosted block and a thin line of metal suspended in space. The crystal cube, like a prism, creates a play of light. As an echo, a bright drop of colour at the temple tip makes the palette sparkle.

DJAZZ 2 col. 1945DJAZZ 2 col. 1945

FREEZ 1 - Col. 167


Matrial: Acetate, Laquer applied by syringe
2 Shapes in 6 Colours

This concept draws its inspiration from the light painting experiments of Picasso and photographer Gjon Mili. Like the stroke of a brush made of light, a line of coloured lacquer draws the missing part of the glasses. At the end of the temples, the edging seems to freeze a spark. A luminescent model where transparency echoes the electric colours.

MILLI 1 - Col. 6002


Material: Raw Machined Acetate
2 Shapes in 6 Colours

A set of extruded cubes the new Bocca is entirely pixelated. The mythical shoe becomes abstract, recognisable only by insiders.The heel, a fluorescent pixel, glows against the matte acetate. On the hinge, the light penetrates into the material and reveals its depth and facets; it’s a real challenge to machine this complex three-dimensional space. The result is fascinating!

BOCCA PIXEL 1 - Col. 6002


Material: Aluminium
2 Shapes in 5 Colours

ALIUM RACE is inspired by sports aviator shapes, with a double bridge sculpted in aluminium The temples are tapered, with a sleek look. Lightweight and ultra-comfortable.

ALIUM RACE 2 - Col. 9620