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ProDesign SUN Collection

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Todos los meses añadimos nuevas historias, inspiración y tendencias en esta página.
Echa un vistazo rápido a nuestras historias, que aparecen a continuación.

A magical play with colour by FACE A FACE

The new, FACE A FACE 2019 Spring Collection again raises the bar, exploring transparencies and playful hues with optical effects…

The Inface Sun Collection

The new beautiful range of sunglasses from Inface is inspired by the minimalistic lines of Danish design, yet the look is more elegant and colourful than ever…

New sunglasses from ProDesign Denmark

The new sunglasses have trendy tinted lenses that match the colour of the acetate and vary from traditional black or brown to a light blue and even a glorious pink...

Colourful acetates by ProDesign Denmark

“Our new collection is envisioned for great everyday use. It is a look you can feel comfortable with and a design, which is both classic and surprising” explains Martin Jespersen, Eyewear Architect ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​at ProDesign Denmark...

The origin of BOCCA by FACE A FACE

The BOCCA collection by FACE A FACE originates from the
desire to create a beautiful and feminine range of eyewear,
inspired by a work of art and ​​​​​​​the work of an artist,
​​​​​​​as a tribute to feminine sensuality...

Kilsgaard Eyewear’s London romance

The brand has a special love for London,
a city of contrast and tradition, ​​​​​​​a multicultural
​​​​​​​explosion ​​​​​​​- yet very British...

Vibrant Colour by ProDesign Denmark

The new, 2019 Spring Collection from ProDesign Denmark is inspired by the exploration of colour: vibrant hues, classic designs and intriguing shapes...

A cosmic collection by WOOW

This season, the Parisian brand, WOOW Eyewear is primed to
win you over in 2019 with brand-new concepts
​​​​​​​boasting lots of ATTITUDE and CHARACTER...

New strong looks for nifty people

This season NIFTIES is pushing boundaries by launching a new metal concept with true character: light and thin…

Danish design and amazing value
​​​​​​​by Inface

The new W/S 2019 collection honours our heritage; great looking shapes,that are easy to wear combined with a subtle colouration...

Interview with Pascal Jaulent

Each FACE A FACE concept explores shapes, textures, materials and colours in ​expressive ways turning the frames into small pieces of art...

Synaesthesia: The soul of the createur

Our Parisian design team does not only look at the world of fine art to find inspiration, but they also explore the
​​​​phenomenon ‘synaesthesia’.

ProDesign Denmark adds colour to your life

We have been inspired by the dynamic colour
scheme within the fashion industry ​​​​​​​and turned up the volume of our colours...