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ProDesign SUN Collection

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A magical play with colour by FACE A FACE

April 2019

The illustrious, Parisian Brand FACE A FACE proudly announces the release of its newest creations for 2019. Like a metamorphosis of colour, each masterpiece varies drastically based on its individuality adding both intrigue and mystery to the collection.

FACE A FACE exudes audacity, always exquisite and daring, drawing inspiration from modern art, architecture and contemporary design. Every concept is a mastery of colours and volumes, far from standardized fashion and conformist trends - always in a league of its own.

​​​​​​​The new, FACE A FACE 2019 Spring Collection again raises the bar, exploring transparencies and playful hues with optical effects.


This is FACE A FACE’s optical interpretation of the radical geometry of PRISM, a sun concept launched at SILMO 2018. ANOUK also plays with the triangle shapes rupturing the frame contour and redrawing the shape of the eyes. The thin metal temples are set high for a refined and trendy look. A sculpted end-tip with strong facets turns the design into a pure createur concept.

ANOUK 1 col. 2439ANOUK 1 col. 2439

ANOUK 1 col. 2439


Explore the sense of music; an edgy look created through the absence of colour. The design was inspired by mixing 1920’s and 1930’s Art Deco movement and the vibrant Jazz Age. Geometric shapes meet vibrant colours and turn into innovative designs.

Explore the full collection on faceaface-paris.com


“Sometimes a detail is nearly invisible when transparent and other times it is highlighted when colourful,” explains Creative Director Pascal Jaulent and elaborates “The way light and colour intertwine is truly captivating.”

Experience the unique expression of each design, created by colour and lighting effects which shift with just a hint of movement. Be enlightened by surprising volumes and emerging shapes, though only visible a specific vantage points – all forming the elegant sculptures of FACE A FACE.

DJAZZ 2 col. 1945DJAZZ 2 col. 1945

DJAZZ 2 col. 1945