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ProDesign SUN Collection

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Colourful acetates by ProDesign Denmark

January 2019

The new spring collection 2019 from ProDesign Denmark is an elegant exploration of colours. Stunning pops of colour create new looks to classic designs as well as shape new energetic concepts.

ProDesign Denmark has created beautiful eyewear with a clean-cut Scandinavian feel since 1973. Their Danish design heritage inspires them to create eyewear, which is innovative, great looking and comfortable to wear.

The spring collection of 2019 is defined by flattering shapes and playful colour in vibrant acetate as well as a range of other materials including CXT, titanium and metal. This season the focus points are colours and thinly cut materials to give a light appearance and high comfort.

Martin Jespersen, Architect at ProDesignMartin Jespersen, Architect at ProDesign

Martin Jespersen, Architect at ProDesign

Concept 3608-09

A toned down and yet colourful look characterises this masculine concept. ProDesign Denmark explores a stylish dark colour palette, where they have added colour on the rims and at the bottom of temples to create a strong look.

“The inspiration for the colours is the ocean, the woods, the silhouettes that appear in the distance”, explains Martin Jespersen and continues. “To achieve this, we milled down the semitransparent top layer to reveal the beautiful block acetates beneath."

The new concept is available in two shapes; one a small size 49/20 has a clear reference to the classic style of the 50’s and the other a larger rectangular at a size 53/17.

“Our new collection is envisioned for great everyday use. It is a look you can feel comfortable with and a design, which is both classic and surprising” explains Martin Jespersen, Eyewear Architect at ProDesign Denmark.

Concept 3604-07

Beautiful and colourful acetate in feminine shapes, which gives a lift to the brow and attention to the eyes. The delicate transparent solids and block materials create a beautiful look.

  “We have added coloured rivets on the front to add character, uniqueness and contrasts to the design” comments Martin Jespersen and elaborates. “Note how the colour of the rivets is echoed on the end-tips.”

Concept 5651-52

This stunning concept draws its inspiration from an iconic piece of jewellery: the “Moonlight” by Danish silversmith Georg Jensen. ProDesign Denmark have matched beautiful block acetates with tone-in-tone mono-colors, to give a pop of color to the collection. The two shapes are truly feminine, and the acetate is cut as thin as pos­sible to keep the light feel to the shapes.