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ProDesign SUN Collection

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ProDesign Denmark adds colour to your life

September 2018

At ProDesign we have more than 40 years of experience creating beautiful eyewear with a clean-cut Scandinavian look. When designing new concepts, we focus on keeping a close-knit relationship between functionality and visual expression while staying true to our Danish heritage.

We have been inspired by the dynamic colour scheme within the fashion industry and turned up the volume of our colours.  

Martin Jespersen, Architect at ProDesignMartin Jespersen, Architect at ProDesign

Martin Jespersen, Architect at ProDesign

“We have noticed a shift in colours within the fashion industry,” explains Martin Jespersen, Eyewear Architect at ProDesign and elaborates: “Fashion designers are embracing a more vibrant colour palette, which we see on the catwalks all over the world.

”​​​​​​​The shift in colours also affects you and me. Today, everyone expresses themselves through colour. From the moment you pick out your outfit in the morning, to the shade of your lipstick or accessory you put on. The same should be said about eyewear.

Model 5170c2010, The Iris CollectionModel 5170c2010, The Iris Collection

Model 5170c2012, The Iris Collection

“The right colour will highlight the beauty of the eyes and really give you a fresh look; so, it is important to choose the right colour,” explains Martin Jespersen.