Kilsgaard Eyewear’s London romance

Kilsgaard Eyewear’s London romance

Posted March 2, 2018

The past 10 years, Kilsgaard Eyewear has followed a passion for timeless eyewear made with style and a love for good craftsmanship. Now the brand proudly introduces a line of new designs in exclusive acetate, inspired by the vibes of London.

Aarhus, Denmark – Kilsgaard Eyewear is a Danish eyewear brand with an international perspective. The style is an urban tribute to Danish design classics, created with a passion for minimalism and good quality which never goes out of style.

Travelling the World is Kilsgaard Eyewear’s way of breathing in new vibes, sensing the energy of the cities and meeting amazing people. The brand has a special love for London, a city of contrast and tradition, a multicultural explosion – yet very British. The vibe of London is like long lasting evergreens, a style you will love for ever – and as a tribute the new concepts in the collection are named after inspiring places in London’s East End.

The Kilsgaard 2018 collection

The brand-new styles are classic yet hip, unique and vibrant. The retrospective new shapes add a touch of the 1970s while the gorgeous colors enhance the ambiance of London.


  • Founded: 2008
  • Joined Design Eyewear Group: 2017
  • Location: Aarhus
  • Launches: Biannual
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